Environmental Services

Energy generation, resources extraction and other support activities such as port logistics, marine and land transportation, among others, are undertaken or pass through geologically and ecologically rich and diverse environments.
Knowledge of the environmental conditions of the natural environments is critical to provide the assurance that operations are planned and conducted in accordance with the best practices for operational, environmental and life safety and with all due respect.
For a complete solution, our multi-disciplinary marine consultants and environmental specialists provide a wide range combination of environmental consultancy, permitting and licensing, project management, data acquisition, ecological surveys, laboratory analysis and advisory services.

Our Services

  • Environmental baseline surveys.
  • Benthic and pelagic surveys.
  • Habitat assessment and biotope mapping.
  • Deep water survey capability.
  • Invasive species Identification.
  • Marine mammal observation.
  • Passive acoustic monitoring.
  • Acoustic modelling and sound source verification.
  • Survey design and regulatory guidance.
  • Qualified offshore staff.
  • Experienced reporting and project management teams.
  • Marine Mammal Observation
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring
  • Marine Environmental Services
  • Marine Acoustics

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