Strategic Alliances and Partnerships

By operating with partners globally and suppliers with local knowledge and experiece, Benford design and implement technical and commercial solutions for simultaneous benefit of its customers and staff.
Academic research, technology development and innovation are one of our cornerstones. We continuously invest in technological partnerships and cooperation agreements with worldwide renowned research organisations, institutes and universities.

Enviros Group

With its headquarters in Southampton, UK and well established full offices in Bruges, Belgium and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Enviros is the result of the demands that are still not satisfactorily met by the current players in the energy industry, especially with respect to the toughest challenges faced by governments, oil & gas operators, energy companies, engineering houses and contractors.
Enviros is a specialist and independent geosciences, environmental, asset integrity, decommissioning and consultancy company, operating in the offshore, coastal and land environments on a global level.

Company Address:

The Manhattan Square Building,
Mid Tower, Floor 12th,
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 1-S,
Jakarta 12560, Indonesia

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